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            “The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.”~Alexander Hamilton 


To the Editor,

On November 3 Easton voters should take the refreshing opportunity to vote for Anne Manusky for the Easton Board of Education. Anne is a Master’s level educator, the only one of the three BOE candidates who has regularly attended BOE meetings (for over 6 years), and the only one actively involved in education on a statewide level. No other candidate can match Anne’s level of dedication and knowledge regarding education in Easton and in CT.

In addition to her excellent qualifications, there is a second compelling reason to support Anne. She is running independent of the political mire in Easton, a registered Republican running without party entanglements. Both political parties disappoint on a breathtakingly regular basis. (See story here.) The Democrats are a party of many words but no energy, and few candidates. They have penned a 1200 word platform on their website, but are missing in action for half the slate. The Easton Republican Town Committee, whose platform ends with a section entitled “Adhere to a Strong Code of Ethics” have circled the wagons around and continue to promote three members with serious ethical and legal problems (, while they continue to batter loyal members who don’t toe the line. It’s time to embrace candidates who demonstrate dedication with personal action and take initiative free of political strings.

Anne works continuously to stay informed on local and state educational issues,
forms thoughtful opinions based on the facts at hand, and works to improve
education for all children. She is by far the best candidate for the Easton
Board of Education.

Sherry L. Harris
13 Ridgeway, Easton, CT
Vote ANNE MANUSKY for Board of Education
Visit Anne on Facebook
Consider Common Core
Anne is in the forefront of protecting your children's privacy.
Six years attending 
Board of Education meetings
Master's Degree  in Education
Common Core and related SBAC testing
Involved in
Statewide Effort to
protect student privacy
CT Unites for Student Privacy