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Here is my testimony for HB 5741 & HB 5761

Easton has been riddled with issues with its Sober home.
• The Nexus Sober House was never registered with the municipality.
• It was not registered with the State.
• The Nexus Sober House opened in Easton's 3-acre residential zones. It arrived with no fanfare, no neighborhood meetings and no notice to anyone -- least of all zoning, building or local public health authorities. It was so below the radar that not even law enforcement authorities knew it existed.
• The group home's anonymity was shattered by  a single brawl -- with one tenant running to a neighbor's yard screaming that a house mate was out "to kill" him -- to draw the ire of neighbors who pay big bucks to live nowhere near businesses, 12-step programs and recovering addicts.
• It lack financial oversight that lead to 30 month Federal prison term for Mortgage fraud scheme for Domingo Dias manager for the Easton Nexus Sober house on Silver Hill Road in Easton.
• Westport man resident of Easton Nexus House arrested for stashing more that a pound and a half of crystal Meth at the Easton sober house, He was charged with operating a Drug factory, Illegal possession of Narcotics, possession of Marijuana with intent to sell, failure to keep prescription drugs in their containers and disorderly conduct.
• Cavan Devaine was taken to ST Vincent medical center because he was threatening too kill himself.

All of the above are perfect examples as to why Sober homes need stringent Health and safety oversight as well as notification to municipalities and State department of Health, local law enforcement and P&Z.

This is a private business operation without oversight or accountability.

Please do not let this happen to any other town in CT.

Sincerely, June Chiaia-Logie
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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:
That the general statutes be amended to require each sober home to register as a business with the municipality in which it is located and with the Department of Public Health."
"That the general statutes be amended to require persons or entities renting property promoted as a sober living home to (1) register as a business with the municipality in which such property is located, (2) register with the state Department of Public Health, (3) have naloxone available on the premises if any person renting such property has a history of opioid addiction, and (4) provide training in the administration of naloxone to all tenants of each home if any tenant living there has a history of opioid addiction."
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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:
That section 8-30g of the general statutes be amended to require affordable housing developments that contain any land within a watershed area to have a density of not more than one unit per two acres.
Statement of Purpose: 
To require developers of affordable housing to protect water resources.