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See the letter from P&Z to the BOS

A Planning and Zoning Cell Tower Informational Hearing was held Monday, October 15, at 7:30 PM, HKMS Cafetorium.

At the Board of Selectmen meeting on 8/06/12 the plans below for a cell tower on the new Samuel Staples Elementary School property were presented by Ray Vergati of Homeland Towers. The BOS made an 8-24 referral of such to Planning and Zoning. Click each drawing to view/print a readable copy.
Artist's Rendition of Proposed Cell Tower
Existing Cellular Coverage
Proposed Tower Coverage
Total Cellular Coverage
Site Plan 1" = 20'
Site Plan 1" = 500 '
Preliminary Elevation
Network Map
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After initially stating that he would not form a committee to investigate alternatives to the cell tower and that he would be making the decision, and after a ground swell of objections from citizens, First Selectman Adam Dunsby has decided to investigate DAS systems recommended by a group of citizens.